Incredible scenery!

Three days later, we drive back north to I 40 to get to our final destination, Nevada. In one day, we have never driven through so many different landscapes.

Starting from Flagstaff, through forests,

To this…

Just in case you need a runaway ramp after going down for 16 miles! And still going down!

Burros? We must be close to Oatman… They actually sleep on the road there ha!

And we arrive in Fort Mojave on the East side of the Colorado River. Technically we are still in AZ but if we cross the river, we are in Nevada. This really confuses our i-phones and our computers. Our two phones show different times ha!

Winds are still blowing. However, we are lucky enough to be able to golf one day. For us who golf only occasionally, what makes the day so special is if you are able to chip the ball, from a sand trap so close to the flag…and of course, the fact that you are in nature and never know what you will come across:)

Tumbleweed, love them or hate them…

Our thoughts were to stay in Holbrook and revisit Winslow Az but again, minus temperatures and winds of 50 mi per hour changed our mind and we headed south to Camp Verde. On I 40, we had our first encounter with …Tumbleweed. Well, we know that they have thorns sharp enough to pop bike tires. But we were in a motorhome, right? No worries… when one hit the motorhome however, it bent the front grill. It could have been worse. Tumbleweed can actually damage the engine if it gets caught up in the undercarriage… But it looks so innocent…

This picture was taken driving at 65 miles an hour from inside of the motorhome!

For more information on tumbleweed…

tumbleweed, plant that breaks away from its roots and is driven about by the wind as a light rolling mass, scattering seeds as it goes.

 “Russian thistle” and “wind witch” are common names for this symbol of the American west. Russian thistle alludes to its Eurasian origin.

October departure

This year, our trip west began with a visit to a Winnebago dealer in Forest River Iowa, apparently the biggest in the states. Of course, it is only a mile down the road from Winnebago Industries. Certain repairs are in order…Yes, even a 2022 unit needs tender love and care!

Needless to say, the drive to get to Oklahoma then Texas was a bit longer… always many miles to cover.

In Texas, we stopped at the Big Texan RV Ranch. The highlight of the stay is always the Big Texan Steak House (remember Route 66?) Food is great and you always have live music😊 And… if you can eat a 75oz steak, it is free ha!

What pleasure to share a table with fellow French Canadians:)

How can you not tell we crossed to New Mexico… landscape! architecture!

We stopped in Albuquerque, following I 40 (and route 66) We had never truly visited Old town and were surprised to see that it is almost a replica of Old Town Santa Fe which we avoided this year because of minus temperatures. Roger was happy the Plant Store was closed. What treasures in the Romero Street Gallery!

Myrtle Beach continued…

Interesting what you find by accident.

Great yard art:)

Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach, a retail & entertainment village around a lake with restaurants, a theater, visitor center & carousel.

It was great to have these unexpected guests visit.

Photo byRyan

We have decided that our next visit to Myrtle Beach will include a stay at the Myrtle Beach State Park…

Can we possibly decide a year ahead of time where we will be? That is the only way to get a campsite there… book one year ahead!

Destination : Myrtle Beach

Walking the Beach is the highlight of our stay😊

Visiting the Market Common is also an ideal way to spend the day and eat incredibly delicious flatbread at Travinia Italian Kitchen. Of course, outside dining and shopping opportunities abound.

A  must see for any traveler in the area is Brookgreen Gardens. Archer Huntington a well-known philanthropist and his wife, Anna Hyatt Huntington a noted 20th-century sculptor left it as their legacy. It is best to plan a few days in the 9,100 acre property, one of the top 10 Gardens in the U.S.A.

Photo by Ryan
Photo by Ryan
Photo by Ryan

This museum Wheels of Yesteryears caught Roger’s attention…

of course.

We could not miss the GAA classic car auction in Greensboro, just 4 hours away.  Roger purchased a 63 Volkswagen, just like his first car😊

On our way north to Brunswick, GA

We met the hitchhiker…

the wanderers

the captain…

Seemed they were all looking for….

Template:Character | Waldo Wiki | Fandom

We found Waldo in northern Florida 🙂 Actually it was named well before Waldo, the book character came to life. This town was named Waldo in honor of Dr. Benjamin Waldo. The name was probably selected by David Levy Yulee, president of the Florida Railroad. By February 1, 1859, the Florida Railroad was completed through Waldo to Gainesville.

Spanish moss cling to their host trees.

It boasts 8 miles of white sandy beaches,

covered with driftwood…

Mother and child?

We will be back! Maybe to fish on the pier:)

Not our first time at the Tallahassee auto museum but there is always lots2see :)

The very old and the new…

So interesting to read the trivia…

Worth a visit to see # 5 of only 47 Tuckers that still exist…

Worth watching the film : Tucker: The Man and His Dream…

Worth a visit to see collections, collections, collections of golf memorabilia, stamps, sport cards, motorcycles, grand pianos, etc. etc. etc.

But of course, according to Roger, nothing is more impressive than this 1965 Pick-up:)