Baby geese, a hare and two bears…

May has passed and June has brought the beautiful weather we have been hoping for. Sunny days have everyone smiling. Mother Nature obliges when we urgently need rain:)

Remember the hare in the last post? Every day when I work in the shrubbery beds he runs around the house as if to say : I’m here! Want to play?

So happy we are when the baby Canada geese are born.


As in previous years, older siblings or aunts and uncles appear at the same time to celebrate the occasion. After a few days, they leave and mom and dad are left to their duties…Coincidence? Roger and I disagree on the matter lol

One thing we both cannot comprehend is why this heron stands motionless in our pond for hours on end…


A 2 year old bear has come to visit. He seems incredibly healthy and not too mischievous, not like his buddy who follows a few weeks later. He opens bags of mulch, plays with the water hose, digs in flower pots, climbs on our walls…


and finally peeks in our window!


The bear banger is the only solution for this guy!


And then, at the end of each day, a unique sunset leaves us in awe until we can count our lucky stars…



April, 2018

We have been home for three weeks now. By this time of year, we usually see buds on the trees and maple syrup has been harvested. Tulips are starting to bloom and robins are back. Well, we did spot a few robins and Canada geese but they have gone hiding again! Who can blame them with the recent snow falls. 

 March 31st

March 31st

April 12th

April 12th

April 16th

April 16thApril16th - 2

April 17th

The view this morning, I have to admit was just…inspiring. Well, it inspired me to write this blog 🙂

April 17th -2April 17th

As the sign says in front of Valleyview Public School this week ;
<The only difference between a good and a bad day is your attitude…> 

We are so fortunate to live in this country. Yesterday, while on the computer, Roger spotted two baby chipmunks playing in front of the window.  This morning, I saw a hare, probably wondering if he should shed his white coat just yet! Can you spot him in the next picture? Two minutes later, he had hopped away and disappeared…

April 17th -3

Norm and Louise, thank you for sharing these incredible pictures of your back yard!!

chevreuil 1 (1)chevreuil 2


Headed home!

From California, there is only one direction, east. Arizona sunsets await us!

Headed Home -1

In New Mexico, we stop at Meteor Crater, very close to the Painted Desert for those who followed our route 66 adventure. Formed 50 millions years ago, it apparently is not so different from Sudbury’s Crater. This one can fit 10 football fields and hold 2 million spectatorsmeteor crater 1

meteor crater 2

In Albuquerque, we stay at the Route 66 RV Resort. 

In Texas, the Big Texan RV Park offers free limo service  to… the Big Texan Steak House. But we were there while travelling Route 66 and choose to have a quieter dinner, in the motorhome.

In Springfield Missouri, what else…Route 66 KOA. The weather is great. 65 and sunny so we sit outside to enjoy the last of the warmth for a while. We spot a robin and I ask it to fly home soon so spring can arrive early in Val Caron. Roger says : The bird is probably thinking that we are not too intelligent heading home so soon… lol

Weather permitting of course, we will be home on the 25th. What a great holiday! But it is always good to be home 🙂


Hwy 1

California’s Pacific Coast… Spectacular scenery!

Hwy 1 16

Hwy 1 2

Hwy 1 7

Hwy 1 8

Hwy 1 15

Sea lion cooling off.

Hwy 1 5

Mel & Jess cooling off…

Hwy 1

Hwy 1-2

Braver Jess!

Brave Jess


Hwy 1 3

Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle 1

Hearst Castle 2

Hearst Castle 3

Hearst Castle 4

Hearst Castle 5

Hearst Castle 6

Sunset in Cambria

Hwy 1 sunset in Cambria

Sunset in Cambria 2

Sunset in Cambria 1

Day 2

Hwy 1 14Hwy 1 12

Happy Dan!

Hwy 1 13

And Happy Parents! Thanks guys for sharing your photos but mostly for spending your holiday time with us! Great memories for always! 

Carmel by the Sea

Sitting in Carmel by the Sea

Sculptor – G.W. Lundeen