Every good holiday must come to an end…

Last night, the chef surprised us with a special supper, a taste of Provence.

Lyon taste of Provence

We are served bouillabaisse, ratatouille, chateaubriand, apple pie… Délicieux!

Our Maître d’Hôtel, Ryan, gets dressed for the occasion.

Lyon Ryan, our maitre d'hotel

Our last day in Lyon is spent exploring the city on our own.

Lyon closed escape game

Roger is so disappointed that the Escape Game is closed lol.

Lyon is the birthplace of Antoine de St-Exupéry, the French author who once wrote :

Grown-ups never understand anything for themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them.


and of the ‘Frères Lumière’, the first filmmakers in history.

Lyon, like most French cities, is also known for its crêperies and so we choose to have lunch at the Crêperie des gones.

Lyon Creperie

First we find out that here, the ‘salted crêpes’ are called ‘galettes’, crêpe being reserved for the sweet crêpes.

The crêpe sucrée au beurre salé is the best! We both can vouch for that! Ha!

Lyon crêperie p1Lyon crêperie p. 2

When we are back at the boat, we attend an information session on The Résistance during World War II. What courage !

And now we need very minimal courage comparatively to get back to our regular lifestyle, less food, less wine and no one to clean our room every day lol

We do say goodbye to our new friends from New York, Tennessee, California, Denver, etc. and especially Doug and Judy from North Carolina. Hopefully, we will reunite with some of you again.

We are very happy to be going home to family and friends and to our beautiful country.  However great the holiday, it always makes you appreciate home:)

Thanks Mel for sending this beautiful fall picture.

fall 2




Today, we awake to find our beautiful Viking ship, the Heimdal, has arrived in Lyon, France’s third largest city. These swans are just waiting to be fed…

Lyon swans

Lyon is a cyclist’s paradise.


Lyon biking paths
But, fortunately, lol, a bus drives us to the Grand Basilica of Notre-Dame atop Fourvière Hill. Lyon Basilica of Notre Dame


Lyon inside the basilica

After admiring the interior of the spectacular church, we take in a sweeping view of Lyon.

Lyon view from Basilica

Of course, we have to enjoy ‘Une brioche aux pralines’ at the café on top of the hill 🙂

Thanks to our guide Claire, back in Old Town, we discover outdoor murals,

Lyon murales (2)

unique hidden passageways and an abundance of restaurants, Chez Louise, Chez Grand-mère, La Nef des Fous, Le Tire-Bouchon, La Mouss’Tache, Brasserie Le Nord…

Roger would like to come back to Les Pas Sages…(The misbehaving) ha!

Wandering the Vieux Lyon,  we take a few more pictures of course.LyonLyon basilica from a distance (2)

Lyon from the RhoneLyon-Floral arrangement

Lyon energie

Very interesting!


And now, we head back to the bus. No wonder Roger wants the last seat!

Lyon back of the bus


Tournon, Train de l’Ardèche

There is a statue of Marc Séguin next to our ship in Tournon. Along with his brother, he erected the first bridge suspended from cable. Now we see such bridges all over the world, including the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.

marc seguin

Today, we traverse one of France’s most dramatic and picturesque corners during a steam train excursion into the wilds of Doux Valley conservation area. We do wear old clothes… after all the soot from the coal just might land on us.

The engine and train are listed as French Historic Monuments.


Luckily, we do not have to walk the gorge like we did in Crete ha! (Remember Roly and Linda?) Who had that bright idea anyway?

river bed

The bridges are high. It does happen that the water level almost reaches the height of the bridge..




Viviers Old Town is one of the best preserved medieval towns in southern France. Our guide is all dressed up for the occasion + she is super informative 🙂 She lives in old town and greets everyone by name. (There is a total of 300 residents in Old Town).

viviers with guideViviers 1Viviers 2


Avignon, Arles

We learn that popes resided in Avignon in the 14th century because of political unrest in Rome. The Palace of the Popes is one of the most important buildings in Europe. Our wine tour brings us to Château-du-Pape, the popes’ former summer residence.

Château du pape

The Château-du-Pape wine region is renowned for its centuries-old vineyards. The inherent warmth of the region coupled with a unique landscape – the soil is covered in big rocks, larger than gravel but smaller than boulders, known locally as galet or pudding stones – helps control moisture evaporation from the soil. Additionally, the rocks absorb heat during the day and radiate that stored warmth back to the grapes after the sun sets, further ripening them and instilling them with the soft richness the finished wine is renowned for.

And we thought we were visiting Avignon for its St.Bénezet bridge…  As the song goes…

Sur le pont d’Avignon, On y danse, on y danse,

Sur le pont d’Avignon, On y danse tout en rond!

Pont d'avignon (2)

Did I mention that Daniele, our onboard musician is quite talented? Actually, so talented that every night, tired or not, we visit the lounge to hear him sing and play the piano:)

Lyon piano player

In Avignon, we are also entertained by ‘The Gitans Concert’. Excellent. Even our captain Frédéric is up and dancing..

We do not get to visit Arles on foot for obvious reasons. We can always look at Van Gogh’s art. During his fifteenth month stay in Arles, he created 300 paintings that are now considered to be some of his most inspired work!

We do relax, read and knit… Great way to spend an afternoon.

roger reading


Surprise, surprise…Who is this for lol

birthday cake