Many of you know that cruising route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica has been on Roger’s bucket list for quite some time. But did you know that Roger spent most of his childhood either working on a farm or…you guessed it, playing in an old abandoned car pretending… As a young adult, his dream of owning a classic came true.

However, this was short lived as his business and his family took up all of his energy and time. So it was another 20 years before he could finally buy his first true classic , a 54 Ford. Now, he has made a business of his lifetime passion. You can either visit the showroom in Val Caron or visit the website to see how his collection has grown. But as for driving the 2,448 miles of route 66, it will truly be special because 3 brothers and a nephew will accompany him. Really? 5 classics all the way from Illinois to California? And that is this blog came about!

Please come along and enjoy our other trips as well!