Never know what to expect…

New Year’s Day! We are at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, expecting crowds. We are happy to find ourselves almost alone at U.S. customs. After spending December home, we are returning to our motorhome in Lebanon Tennessee near Nashville. When we left Canada beginning of November, Omicron was non existent in Canada and the U.S.

A young lady at Air Canada helps us enter all our information at the self check-in booth. It helps to look <older> and a bit helpless lol. When she tells us we can upgrade to business class for 100$, we accept. Good move in Covid Times. There is only one other person in business class.

Actually, the plane is only 1/3 full. We are super lucky that it was not cancelled.

We are rushed to board. They do not ask for proof of rapid test that we had to obtain the day before…

When the stewardess announces that they are distributing free pretzels because they do not have sandwiches for purchase, we find it odd. The pilot tells us to expect turbulence, especially nearing Nashville. That is not odd because the weather channel says 25 Celsius today and only 6 tomorrow…Cold front coming in.

Then, just before landing, the stewardess informs us that in the event that we need to exit the plane rapidly, we should leave our personal effects behind… Now that is odd!!

We land without anything more serious than turbulence. But 20 minutes later, it is pouring and the wind extremely strong. What luck!

The following morning, surprise, surprise, snow on the ground! Who would expect snow in Nashville?

No golf today lol

Roger is adamant he will visit the American pickers. Masks are mandatory at least.

They are located in the Marathon Village and home of the Marathon Motor Works Museum. The restoration of this 1881 building is quite impressive. The fact that it houses the museum, a brewery and so many special boutiques is amazing.

So many other points of interest in Nashville but this is not the time…

We head back to our…lol