Flat and windy… Perfect for wind turbines, miles and miles of them 🙂

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These giants seem small from afar but each 24 meter rotor blade weighs 2 360 kg.

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In 2018, the wind energy installed in the United States was enough to power over 28 million homes. In Canada, wind powered 3.4 million homes in 2019.

Getting there 🙂

Of course, travelling through the state of Texas, we had to stop at Russell’s Truck Centre and auto museum.

Remember Route 66 pardners??


Well, we are headed for Amarillo so I am sure you will remember our next stop…




Lazy Day

Today, the weather is perfect, no wind, beautiful sunshine.


Well, Ryan won this card game but we have all had our turns:)

A 3 km walk around the lakes is in order.


Wonder when our Canadian friends will head North??

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The Turquoise Trail

From Albuquerque, we take the Turquoise Trail (Hwy 14) that leads to Santa Fe. We have no doubt why it is a National Scenic Byway.

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In Madrid, it’s like going back in time : a small mining town turned tourist attraction with art galleries and museums and…no cell phone reception.





Bed and Breakfast and café:)

The Hollar, a super cool restaurant has the best appetizers : bruschetta, green fried tomatoes, and sweet potato fries. But you need to check out their full menu 😊 Enjoyed the busy birds checking in on their nest above the speaker.

Can a sky be more blue?

We have fun at Connie’s photo park.



Once in Santa Fe, we roam the streets and enjoy.



Amazing Rock formations

Travelling interstate 40 in Northen New Mexico is a treat.

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IMG_8768 (3)

IMG_8783 (2)

White peaks to the north, white peaks to the south…

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And then we arrive in Albuquerque, the city. Enough overpasses??

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Fortunately, Isleta Lakes and RV Park is south of the city and away from the hustle and bustle. It is great for walking or fishing rainbow trout or catfish. But non of us are true fishermen and so we walk and enjoy the area. 😊


We met the Chihuahan raven.  Wish it lived in Northern Ontario instead of New Mexico. It resembles our crow but its plumage has a rich purple-blue gloss in good light. We would surely prefer to wake up to its pretty song 🙂

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The world’s best preserved meteorite impact site on Earth.

First on the agenda…The world’s best preserved meteorite impact site on Earth.

Diameter‎: ‎0.737 miles (1.186 km)
Impactor diameter‎: ‎160 feet (50 m)
Depth‎: ‎560 feet (170 m)
Age‎: ‎50,000 years

Next : Winslow


One song by the Eagles, one famous town…

IMG_8760 (2)

Then, La Posada, the restored historic railroad hotel built in 1929.


Needless to say we have to stop in for the best bread pudding in Arizona lol

Tomorrow, New Mexico. Time to head East…

Last sunset does not disappoint:)

Tomorrow, we are headed to the Meteor Crater then Winslow to ‘Stand on the corner’ lol.  But today Ryan and I visit the Montezuma Castle National Monument which protects well-preserved dwellings  built and used by the Sinagua people between approximately 1100 and 1425 AD. Always impressive!



The ceilings of the rooms were obtained from the Arizona sycamore, a large hardwood tree native to the Verde Valley.

Then we pack. Maria and John and their 3 dogs are also leaving tomorrow, Maria headed to Red Bay Alabama for repairs on their Tiffin motorhome and John headed west with their jeep to work on special machinery.  We did like to pet Mechka (bulgarian for bear)


but in reality we much prefer our 3 stuffed animals that remind us of home lol


And then came the sunset…Our last in Camp Verde…

in 2020 🙂

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