Shopping (Barenaked Ladies)

No stay in a city is complete without a visit to Walmart and Costco lol.

Well, Walmart is on our way today and we need groceries…
In the store, we find a robot roaming the aisles. His name is Stanley and apparently his job is to take perpetual inventory!


When an annoyed man approaches him and says: ‘Get away Stanley’ the robot changes direction…

What will this world be in 10, 20 years from now???

We visit Costco mainly because we are looking for 100% cotton socks. Do you know how almost impossible it is to find some? Even at this boutique, Lost In Socks in downtown Scottsdale, no sock has more than 80% cotton!

Now, none of us enjoy shopping…so we decide to go back to the motorhome to…play the card game 500.

So far ladies are winning 6 series (10 games) to 4. 😊


The Long and Winding Road (The Beatles)

Frommer’s Guidebooks states the Apache Trail as being the ‘The best scenic drive in Arizona’.
It would take many visits to Arizona to agree or disagree… but even after the Grand Canyon drive, the Petrified Forest Drive, the Jerome to Sedona Drive etc., we have to say it is hard to judge. (especially since the most scenic and dangerous part of the Apache Trail is closed, maybe to never reopen to motor vehicles again…)


The museum at the base of Superstition Mountain, the start of the trail, is quite informative,


Superstition Mountain

the walking trails as well…

IMG_0686 (1)

Sets from movies filmed nearby are on display. Elvis, not Yolande is the famous actor here lol.

IMG_0694 (1)

The winding road leads to Tonto National Forest and Canyon Lake ….What a view!

image1 (1)

Then on to Tortilla Flats, (the end of the trail for now) and the last surviving stagecoach stop on Apache trail. Population, 6.

The few buildings standing offer a lot of history (or legends).


And some are very entertaining…What did this person do to deserve this??


With these rules, who knows…


Who’s who who’ve been through…Tortilla Flats of course…


On our way back, on those winding roads…


Roger says, look, we could drive this road with the motorhome… 14 ft clearance. ha! ha!


We stop at Goldfield Ghost Town.  Again history,


and fun…


and ice cream to top off the day 😊

Thank you Roger for bringing us back home safely!

Hair (Cowsills) suggested by Rachel Almost cut my hair (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) suggested by Ray

So, eventually, everyone needs a haircut 🙂 Roger wanted an extension but Yolande convinced him it was not a good idea lol

IMG_7770 (1)

Decided to drive to Old Town Scottsdale, a must if you visit Phoenix.

IMG_7776 (1)

Norm and Roger were very enthusiastic 🙂

IMG_7769 (1).jpg

Until we found a few special boutiques…

Nothing to see here, Denise…Move along…

IMG_7773 (1)

See Roger, you non-believer…

IMG_7775 (1)

Then back at the park, we look for a sunset… and we decide we miss home, because this is a sunset at 2981 Valleyview Rd. Ah well, soon enough we will be 😊

IMG_5269 (1)



Signs (Five Man Electrical Band-Ottawa)

The morning after…someone has to do the dishes 🙂


We do have to walk or bike to spend those calories. 😊

More signs in the park catch our attention.




Then, off to the movies. Everyone agrees that we should see A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Nothing to add except that everyone should see the movie.

The AMC theatre just happens to be at the Desert Ridge Mall, very family oriented. Even if you do not like to shop (like Roger and Norm),

IMG_7746 (1)

you can easily spend a day admiring decorations,

IMG_7744 (1)

IMG_7742 (1)

and keeping busy watching sport events or being active.

IMG_7749 (1)

There are numerous restaurants to choose from, but the one we select just happens to have 121 different draft beers and a very well equipped kitchen… What a treat!

IMG_7737 (1)

IMG_7738 (1)

Tomorrow is Haircut day 🙂 Can you think of a song??


Hitching a Ride (Vanity Fair) I Got You Babe (Cher)

For our last treck to Phoenix, we picked up two hitchhikers (We had vowed not to pick up anymore lol, remember the lady bugs?)

IMG_7700 (1)

The drive from Verde Valley to Phoenix is very scenic

IMG_7703 (1)

but when we get to Sunset Point Rest Area, we are in awe!

IMG_7712 (1)

We are happy to see the paved paths lol.

IMG_7709 (1)

IMG_7705 (1)

But aren’t snakes suppose to be hibernating at this time of the year lol?

Going down the road, we see electronic signs :

Cher the road

I Got You Babe

Then, we learn that Cher is performing in Chandler AZ tonight. Unfortunately, we do not have tickets…

Now, you must vote…

Who chose the best song of the day?

Norm and Roger : Hitching a Ride


Yolande and Denise : I Got You Babe

When we arrive at Desert Shadows in Phoenix, we see more signs lol

IMG_7723 (1)

IMG_7724 (1)

And then…to top the day, Norm’s nachos 🙂 Aren’t we lucky!

IMG_7726 (1)


Copperhead Road (Steve Earle)

Yeah sunny day. Off we go to Jerome. But first, we visit the copper museum in Clarksdale.

IMG_7639 (1)
It is housed in the recently restored Clarksdale High school that closed in the early 60’s.

IMG_7643 (1)
‘Starting in towns like Clarkdale, copper leaves, and then blossoms into an amazing story of the world’s most beautiful metal. It is told through a wonderful idea of combining history and stunning artifacts into truly enjoyable exhibits.’

IMG_7657 (1)

And what a wonderful idea! A visitor can admire the creative skill and imagination of mankind through the use of copper from the early civilisations to the present.

IMG_7655 (1)

Now why did we pick the title of the song today? This still (supposedly used to make moonshine) is part of an extensive distillery and winery collection…

Resized_20191122_113128_9719 (1)
All collections are impressive but one is especially moving, the military art collection.

IMG_7647 (1)Imagine a soldier from WWI spending time in a trench transforming these expended shell casings into art to send home as gifts or to share memories…

IMG_7649 (1)

Resized_20191122_104702_9827 (1)

Just a short TRUE or FALSE quiz to lighten things up…

1. Only 2 minerals actually have color, copper and gold.
2. Copper was discovered about 9,000 B.C.
3. The percentage of copper in your red blood cells is over 50%.
4. Dark chocolate is a good source of copper for human life.
5. It takes 250 fifty pounds of ore, 70% of it copper, to blow your trumpet. Zinc is the other ore needed?

Read on to see the answers😊

Jerome is Jerome. Such a one of a kind town… Population 15,000 when the mines opened in the late 1800’s, to a ghost town, to a favorite tourist destination thanks to dedicated business men and women and of course, the artists.
Of course, the road to get to this mountain town is quite memorable.

IMG_7671 (1)

IMG_7681 (1)

Then, the streets! To get from one to the other, you either drive switchbacks or use stairs…

IMG_7684 (1)
The shops contain incredible art and well, the Mile High Restaurant, incredible food, worth the wait, even in Roger’s opinion lol

Now why would a restaurant select such a name, serve mile high burgers and mile high clubs??

Read on to see the answer 😊

A favorite store is Nellie Bly, the world famous kaleidoscope store. Can you see who is in this picture taken through a kaleidoscope?

IMG_7679 (1)
Finally, we return to our motorhome. Again, the view is incredible.

IMG_7694 (1)


Good thing we have a reliable chauffeur ha! ha!

IMG_7691 (1)

image1 (1)


All the affirmations are TRUE


The restaurant is at 5,280 ft., 1 mile in elevation 🙂

IMG_7678 (1)