February 3

After an afternoon and evening of reminiscing with Linda and Slim, we spend the next day in Cottonwood, a small community near Camp Verde.

Do you see our personal photographer in the background?

Although it is too early for wine (we cross many wine tasting rooms), we do visit antique and specialty shops


and enjoy a walk on Main Street.

This Community Club House was built in a time of depression to provide employment. It was partially funded by ladies who raised thousands by doing bake sales and other numerous fundraisers 🙂


All of us agree with this message, posted in the window of one of the shops. Hopefully, we are not the only ones to read it…

IMG_8573 (2)

February # 2

A picture taken in November, reminded me that, it is always best to bring local when you are travelling. This year, we forgot our delicious, strong garlic 😦 The one we are buying either comes from Florida or Mexico!!! We also forgot our raw honey. So I picked up this jar without reading the label… Lesson learned! Can someone explain why there would be 14% added sugar to honey…


We do find Uncle Luke’s maple syrup from Granby Quebec lol


Today, Monday the 9th, we visit the copper museum in Clarkdale for the, yes 2nd time. We are informed that 60 new items have been added since our last visit. But seriously, there are so many artifacts that you could visit 10 times and still not have noticed everything…
Ryan is especially impressed by this table built for the ‘kitchenware collection’. The curator explains how it was built on premise.


Then, hard not to be moved by the trench art room.



Roger and Ryan are fascinated by this still used to make cognac.


Guess how many tons of ore it takes to be able to blow a horn?

brass classic classical music close up
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Wednesday, our car is finally ready. We drive back to Phoenix. Not that we mind the scenery… Snow on the mountains today…

IMG_8541The car is ready but no one seems to know what the problem was. At least we are good to go.

We also visit a store in Glendale at Ryan’s request. I think he is hooked lol But look at this place.

Natural Expressions Inc


We get to talk to the owner who is cutting the rocks to find…treasures. Amazing!

Then who would not revisit this store with the most unique rocks and art. Worth checking their website as well : Rare Earth Gallery.




Tomorrow, friends from Espanola, Linda and Slim Hopkins, will be joining us for a few days.  We can never seem to get together when in Ontario but finally will get to visit…in Arizona lol 😊

February # 1

Have you ever looked at a photo you took some while back and wondered why this snapshot? Luckily, when I came upon this one (taken only a month ago😊) I remembered…

IMG_8309 (1)

In Phoenix, we could see this pineapple tree just out our window. So often, there was a bird perched in it and it was fascinating to watch. But try to find the bird…I will help you lol. Can you see the feet and the beak?

IMG_8309 (1)

The most awesome however, were the hummingbirds, but they never stayed long enough…

From Vegas Nevada, you head north to 40 towards Flagstaff, Arizona. But first you drive to Lake Mead

Lake Mead

hoover damand Hoover Dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. A new bypass opened in 2010.

We remember Mel, Curtis and Dan flying over the construction site and taking pictures from a helicopter…

Towards Flagstaff (2)
Mount Humphrey, at an elevation of 11 000 ft in Flagstaff is visible from hours away.
Years ago, 18 miles of cross country ski trails would have been alluring, but today, we are headed south on 17 to Campe Verde, warmer country, a quiet campsite away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.
Roger’s brother Ryan will be joining us 😊

We decide to meet him in Phoenix for a night. As we are leaving, a message on our jeep says: Your car will not start in 240 km because of wrong DEF fuel. Visit a dealer…
So, a dealer we visit. Actually, this dealer has Ford  Hyundai, BMW, Mazda, Volkswagen dealerships in Phoenix…


They will not be able to look at the car until Monday. No choice but to drive back to Campe Verde in… a rented car. But all is well, and the company is good 😊

IMG_8505 (2)

Today is Sunday…stay tuned!

Good night everyone!


January 2020

Why a 2020 blog?

Because we now have a hard time remembering what we did yesterday lol

January in Phoenix was quite busy: attend Classic Car Auctions (up to 8 now) and a Home Show, visit antiques shops and a wool shop, drive to Cave Creek and road trip to some favorite places 😊

Sun shining every day, cooler nights, who would not like Phoenix (in the winter lol)
Sunsets are as incredible. 5:40, 5:44, 5:59 respectively.

Classic Car Auctions are like movies; very entertaining.
1. No 2 cars are identical.
2. Each car has an interesting history and owner.
3. Whether you are a consigner, a buyer or a spectator, the adrenaline is high.
4. The auctioneers babble or chant to make sure you think of nothing else while you are there.

It is always mind boggling the amount of people attending, especially the world-famous Barrett Jackson.


As you can see, you are invited to go to their website to learn more. (This picture provided by Barrett Jackson is not a link)   https://www.barrett-jackson.com/ to find out what this 1956 Chevrolet Belair Custom Coupe sold for… Lot # 1111

a2c12651-8edf-4942-87e5-204f5de54cb1[1] (2)

Imagine, all the consigners have to commit to a no reserve sale, a year ahead of time!

Good that every tent is 250 ft long… No problem walking 10 000 steps a day:)

Some beauties! But isn’t beauty in the eyes of the beholder?

IMG_8172 (1)

Barrett Jackson

IMG_8173 (1)

Notice that Roger is carrying a clear plastic bag. For security reasons, they are the only ones allowed this year. Unless you are a registered bidder, they sell for 10$ at the entrance…

Roger added to his collection at the MAG auction. Happy man!


A 62 Olsdmobile and two Chevey pcik-ups, a 65 and a 70.

He also spotted a London taxi…Not quite the same as the one he rode many years ago, but it brought back memories for sure. 😊

London taxi

At the Leak auction,

Leake auction (2)

we were happily surprised to see these.

IMG_8280 (1)

The question is why are these not mandatory at every event?


Did I mention that you can also spend a Saturday at the Pavillion, a shopping mall…

to see more classic cars.  lol

This gentleman from Timmins ON hopes to sell his car privately.

Timmins car guy

I convinced Roger we had to visit the Home show. Great opportunity to see many models of Tiny Homes in one location. Well, I did get to see one. lol But, everyone was as curious as I was it seems.

IMG_8247 (2)

Roger had no problem waiting for me in this sun chair made in Hawaii ha!

IMG_8239 (1)

Then he patiently waited at the Sin City Yarn Shop:)

For the first time as well, we visited Cave Creek, just north of Phoenix. Stores so unique!

The Rare Earth Gallery is paradise (to a rock lover and collector)

Rare Earth Gallery 2
Roger says I should collect lighter objects lol

But my response : hey,  Tom Hanks has a huge collection of …type writers😊


Our road trip brought us to Quartzite.
Love it! Small acquisition. Weighs less than 5 pounds😊

In Parker, we just happen across an off-road race, the Parker 425. So many strange looking cars? vehicles? buggies?

IMG_8337 (1)

Google it to get the feel 😊

But then, in Arizona, they have the desert trails like we have skidoo trails…And many RVers ‘dry dock’ in the desert all winter!


Lake Havasu City is famous for its London Bridge. In 1967, an  entrepreneur had the idea of buying the crumbling bridge from England to reconstruct it brick by brick in Arizona. Today, Lake Havasu is a major tourist attraction and Mr McCulloch made a lot of money on his unusual investment!


Then, Oh! Oh! We thought the last time we would see a similar sign would be when we were on Route 66…

IMG_8397 (2)

We unhitched and turned around…along with another RV!

Laughlin is always a treat because of the board walk, an enjoyable way to get 10 000 and more steps in a day.

Mr Laughlin sure knew how to promote his business! Just like Sam from Walmart…
Although we stayed at a campsite across the road, many motorhomes choose…the parking lot…

motorhomes at Riverside in Laughlin
At 86, Mr Laughlin still has a daily chat with his employees. His car collection at the Riverside Casino is impressive.

From Laughlin, we head to Vegas. The highlight of our stay? Attending the Terry Fator show.  As a comedian and a ventriloquist, he is a great entertainer!



A big plus is that we were winners lol We came out of Vegas with the same amount of money we had when we arrived…





Leaving on a Jet Plane (John Denver)

For sure Phoenix is a beautiful city but we have beautiful people back home who we love very much. 😊

Mixed feelings.

After playing shuffleboard games, 30 sequence games, domino games, and over 140 card games of 500, we are all still best friends lol. We will miss our partners Norm and Yolande:) By the way, girls won overall lol We have proof and a witness, Roadie the roadrunner ha! ha!

IMG_8012 (3)

Today we pack and get ready for an overnight flight. On our last night, Yolande and I walk the park and admire the decorations to get into the Christmas spirit.




Different to see a decorated cactus and hear Xmas songs when it is 70 degrees outside…

Happy Holiday Season everyone!

(Yolande skiing shortly)

dwarf gnome on snow
Photo by Susanne Jutzeler on Pexels.com

Yellow Submarine (The Beatles)

And for our German friends : Arne Alligator ha!

When you visit the Odysea Aquarium in Phoenix, you board a submarine to visit with sea lions, sharks, sea turtles, stingrays etc.

But inside the aquarium, you find Mighty Mike, the 800 lb alligator.


He did not like Roger staring at him ha! ha!


Then there is the walking batfish… quite unique!

walking fish

These otters are among the 8 hand raised as babies. In one year, they ate 200 lbs of…jello 😊


These African penguins like the warm weather. They are being hand fed and given vitamins. But how to know who was fed what?? Keep on reading lol


What a surprise to find a sloth on premise. Did you know they sleep 22 hours a day? Guess what Squidney was doing?? What a life!


Answer : Each penguin wears a loose bracelet on the left wing 🙂

The Toucans were also a surprise.


What colour this live coral!


At the end of the day,

Roger says : Best aquarium ever!
Yolande remarks : Very well designed and displayed; great for families.
Norm comments : It was a “whale” of a show; awesome!

But what are these two discussing lol


Good Morning Sunshine (Oliver)

The sun is shining, in…Val Caron…after a major snowfall yesterday.

20191130_132518_resized (1)

Thanks for the pictures Mel and Curtis 🙂 It is a winter wonderland. I guess this is a heads up for what we will see in a few days… ha

IMG_0832 (3)

But the wind was high and the snow, heavy… In Skead, trees fell and had to be cleared. On the positive side, instant Xmas tree!

Let’s try this again…

The sun is shining in Phoenix lol

Perfect day to spend at the park…  Papago park is where you can find amazing rock formations.IMG_7939



IMG_7957Because the Desert Botanical Garden is so close, we agree we should take a walk or sit and relax in extraordinary surroundings. How pleasurable for everyone!

image1 (1)


Sculptures are numerous,

Including the special exhibit from Milan : 1000 animal sculptures of recyclable plastic!




Miles of walking trails allow us to discover a myriad of plants.

Chain Link Colla

Somehow, this prickly pear cactus knows you will not touch it 🙂


Do you see the woodpecker at the top of the funny shaped saguaro?

Trivia : Why does the saguaro cactus have ribs?

image1 (3)

Perfect meal ends the perfect day. So off we go to Organ Pipe Pizza. 6 000 pipes…Built in the 1920’s, the Wurlitzer was reconditioned in 1975.


What sound! Great pizza helps of course 😊

Trivia question answer :

Ribs allow the cactus to expand or contract in response to the amount of moisture it is storing.



Ridin’ Down the Canyon (Willie Nelson, Leon Russell)

Vegetation in Arizona varies from desert landscape to pine forest on certain mountains.

Phoenix just happens to be in the Sonoran Desert where the plants are most interesting and unique!


The prickly pear cactus (front) is easily identified by its broad, flat, green pads.


When you see something new in a supermarket, are you tempted to try it? We tried to cook these ‘pads’…not recommended lol
The ocotillo is a large shrub with long cane-like unbranched spiny stem.

Can you guess why this shrub is called the Palo Verde? It can grow up to 400 years…


Quite easy to guess this guy’s name… the golden barrel!


The saguaro cactus is one of the defining plants of the Sonoran Desert. It is a large, tree-like cactus that develops arms…


IMG_7851 (1)

The birds love the Saguaro and nest in the little holes made by the woodpeckers.

Sometimes, it is hard to decipher what is what lolIMG_7856

Norm did not want to visit the Botanical garden…Too bad, he could have received this wise advice from a saguaro cactus lol


One thing is for certain…


Cab Driver (Mills Brothers)

The show last night, Barleens Dinner & Show was fantastic. Great food! Great family entertainment! Well it helps if you are approximately our age lol

Surprisingly, when you sit at the table, your desert awaits you. As they say at Barleens’: Life is short, Eat desert first.

Roger’s favorite

Signs on the road this Thanksgiving read : Wobbling after Gobbling, take a cab!

We are being ‘wise’ and besides, no one wants to drive in the dark and they are forecasting rain,



so we pre-order UBER. Great way to find out if the new ‘schedule in advance’ feature works. 5* Uber driver! He tells us we should have no problems coming  back…

Well, we did! So, we take a cab. The show was well worth it!

What an adventure! First, our driver tells us he just had a huge meal, turkey, steak, desert etc. etc. Needless to say he yawned more than a few times on the way… Then he says he is nervous driving in all this traffic. Finally, he does not stop talking.  Poor Yolande. It is past her bedtime and she is hoping to take a nap on the way home 😊

But wait… after paying him, the cab driver says :’maybe I will find a cheap motel instead of driving home!!!’  At least it is not raining… YET Maybe he had a crystal ball…


Oh What a Night!  (Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons).

First song that comes to mind this morning… Well, they did interpret Frankie Valli songs at the show, and very well at that.  Context not quite the same. (Roger and I just did not get any sleep! Norm and Yolande, they slept like babies. How blessed are they!) lol

When we are about to retire, the rain starts, and the wind… Norm says : There are white caps in the street … We have never experienced this type of weather before. Norm and Yolande will have experienced just about every possible scenario in Arizona…