As summer turns to fall

Beauty of an early morning walk 🙂

July sunrise, 5:46 a.m.

July sunrise 5:47 a.m.

August sunset 8:35 p.m.

Summer visitors

September sunrise 6:47 a.m.

Sure signs of fall…

Beauty of the season!

October sunrise 7:35 a.m.

October sunset

Winter is truly on its way…Time for tuques and mitts

A summer day, is always a good day to have a good day, (especially in Northern Ontario)😊

Globe thistles bloom early to everyone’s delight.


Lilies (for Lilli) soon follow…




Can’t wait to transplant those maples growing naturally among the ground cover…





This little chippie is begging for his morning treat…

IMG_9422 (1)

Oh oh! Mother did not choose the best place to build a nest, and…she definitely underestimated the size of her chicks…

IMG_9407 (1)

Who will get the last peanut?

The squirrel or the blue jay?

squirrel and blue jay (2)

No summer is complete without…

an extraordinary rainbow.


Best of all, sun sets at 10:04 p.m.

IMG_9406 (2)

April 21, 2020


Since pussy willows have been out for a while, we knew it was only a matter of time before bears would be crawling out of their dens in search of this precious nutrition. Sure enough, last night, we heard knocking on our window. We looked outside but could not spot anything at first. The second time we heard the noise, we knew it had to be an animal and of course we spotted a two year old cub walking in our shrubberies.
But then, this morning, we wondered what he thought about the overnight snowfall.


Was it excited like a child seeing snow for the first time? lol

Snow on this 30th day of Spring is not welcome. At least it was sunny:)

But by 11 a.m., oh no! More?IMG_9089

Not sure whether I should be happy or sad. Did I plant too early??


Sad turn of events

As we head home, earlier than expected, we are saddened by the fact that so many people have suffered in the early months of 2020. First the devastating tornados in Nashville, then the coronavirus.  We have been fortunate, travelling in our motorhome and not being as impacted. We can only hope that better days are coming soon..

Image result for give me hope quotes


Branson MO, lively even in March.

Although we did not expect many attractions to be open this early in the season, the Musicland campsite has been open since the beginning of the month. Today is especially warm, 80 F. Of course, no problem ever visiting the auto and farm museum. It is housed in a huge building. Not hard to spend some time here…

IMG_8912 (1)

IMG_8914 (1)

Imagine having to shovel coal in the containers to keep the engine running..


IMG_8919 (1)

Some of us are also entertained by numerous signs on the walls..

Tonight, we walk across the road to the Haygoods show. What a treat! 5 brothers and one sister, super talents!They each play multiple instruments and the harmony is incredible.

The Haygoods, Branson Missouri's Most Popular Show

Spring in Springfield, MO

The numerous birds chirping at the KOA, especially the robins remind us that spring is around the corner.


The Fantastic Caverns are next on the agenda.

IMG_8897 (2)

What mineral formations!


We do not have an electric vehicle, but the campsite does have a plug-in. It also recycles. Commendable!


No we did not…

Obviously. First, we read the rules. Then we realize that the time to beat is 20 minutes lol

No reservations at the steakhouse and therefore we enjoy the fun venue.


The food is excellent and we are entertained.


It certainly brings back memories for Roger and I.

The Route 66 blog always helps lol



The Big Texan…

Yes, we are headed for the Big Texan RV Ranch, a mile away from the Big Texan Hotel and Steakhouse!


But before dinner, we visit the one of a kind RV Museum. What a treat!IMG_8849 (2)

And it all started when in 1963, Jack Sisemore borrowed 2,400$ from his grandmother..

IMG_8865 (2)

Who has not enjoyed the movie RV! Such a great comedy and now we see the bus up close!

IMG_8888 (2)




Jack and Trent Sisemore found this next trailer in total disrepair at a filling station 15 years ago. They bought it from an 84 year old lady who was travelling across the country.  She said it was time for her to quit camping:)

IMG_8886 (2)

Roger says this bus makes you want to go back in time…


So will one of us order the  FREE 72 oz steak at the Big Texan Steakhouse? To be continued…




Flat and windy… Perfect for wind turbines, miles and miles of them 🙂

IMG_8840 (2)

These giants seem small from afar but each 24 meter rotor blade weighs 2 360 kg.

IMG_0002 (1)

In 2018, the wind energy installed in the United States was enough to power over 28 million homes. In Canada, wind powered 3.4 million homes in 2019.

Getting there 🙂

Of course, travelling through the state of Texas, we had to stop at Russell’s Truck Centre and auto museum.

Remember Route 66 pardners??


Well, we are headed for Amarillo so I am sure you will remember our next stop…