We did it!

** More funny pictures have been added to yesterday’s blog 🙂

From Rialto, we drive on Foothill Blvd. So far so good, hardly any traffic, very scenic. We even meet a few ‘compadres’.


Foothill boulevard falls onto Huntington then onto Colorado boulvards. A bit more traffic but we are still o.k. We spot the sign for the Arroys Pkwy at the last minute but once again we all manage to stay together.

Instead of taking Hwy 101 to Santa Monica Blvd like originally planned, we decide to take Sunset Blvd. Sounds like a great idea…after all, it crosses Hollywood.


Turns out we zigged instead of zagged and our problems started…We ended up taking a few wrong turns and having to do a few U-turns. At this point, we do not think we will be arriving at the Santa Monica Pier together. Eventually however, before we get to our destination, we are reunited by chance.


Our rooms at the Seaview Hotel are on Ocean Blvd and a short walk from the official end of Route 66.



We even get a chance to put our toes in the water. The end of a great journey with awesome people!



As mentioned before, Roger and I will be donating up to a dollar a mile to the Sam Bruno PET Scan fund. Thank you for the donations and for all your comments that we truly appreciated.. 

If you enjoyed this blog, consider a donation of $24.48, a penny a mile, to the Northern Cancer Foundation. You can reach the foundation at 705-523-4673.

Or, you can donate to the Sam Bruno PET Scanner by visiting SamBrunoPETScanner4Sudbury.ca.

—–As we also had a Dashcam to record our journey;  you can visit us again around Xmas to have a different account of the trip. Finally, if anyone is interested in obtaining more information as to our itinerary or any other detail about the trip, please feel free to e-mail Roger or I.

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