Day 3: Exploring Gros Morne National Park

Enjoyed the local bakeapple berry jam and homemade bread for breakfast.

After stopping at the Visitor Centre, we head for the small fishing village of Norris Point. What a beautiful setting! I even get Roger to backtrack to take some more pictures 🙂

Norris Point 3

Norris Point 2

Norris Point 4

Sad it is too early to visit the Old Store Café.

We drive to the impressive Discovery Centre near Woody Point.


We pick up a tablet for a self guided 4km walk on the Tablelands. (This most striking geological feature in Gros Morne, is the result of the earth’s mantle being thrust up by two ancient continents colliding). Unfortunately, the wind has picked up and it is raining cats and dogs. Determined as we are, we put on a poncho over our coats and start the walk. 5 minutes later, our pants are soaked and we are returning to the car. Oh well! We did manage to take a few pictures.


Gros Morne is certainly a hiker’s delight. We envy the young people who can walk all the trails, even the most difficult. No one is allowed on Gros Morne mountain however because it is nesting season.

In Woody Point, we stop at a café for lunch and at a few art and crafts stores Molly Made’s Homespun and Hunky Dory. Joan Payne, one of the artists sells beautiful quilts and artwork at Hunky Dory. Joan must be a distant relative of our talented Linda…  Roger reminds me we are flying home lol.

We do not make it to Trout River or to its famous seaside restaurant. Looks like the next time we will have to extend our stay.

If Mel and Curtis were with us, (we do miss them since they were originally travelling with us) they would have most certainly taken the Bonne Bay tour. Hopefully they will have better weather when they come.

Tonight, Tuesday, we are screeched at the Kitchen Party at the Ocean View Hotel where we are staying. We kiss the cod, dance a jig and drink the screech which the waiter informs us is really Jamaican rum. This rum used to be exchanged for fish.

Guests are invited to sing and tell jokes. A lot of fun

We have not seen a moose yet!!

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