Quirky at Barrett Jackson

The yearly Barrett Jackson classic car auction is probably the most talked about world wide. This year, over 1 500 unique and valuable automobiles will cross the block, most without reserve.  You can watch the auction on internet, on television most nights, and of course you can choose to attend. It can cost 30$ to 80$ entry fee depending on the day or you can purchase a week pass for 195$. You can even spend time in Craig Jackson’s (Barrett Jackson’s CEO) box,  but it will cost 7 499.00$.

This being said, the event is a unique experience. Of course, there is an abundance of mustangs, cameros, cadillacs, corvettes, etc. However, it is the condition of most cars that amazes.

But then you have the quirky cars 🙂 Always fun and very unusual!

The taxi, beermobile!



The rolling hot tub



The toymobile…


The surfmobile


The safari mobile

The mobile pop corn machine

IMG_4464IMG_4465The scary mobile


The tiny mobile 🙂


No Batmobile??  It’s a first!

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