What to do?

When the motorhome needs repairs and spends the day at the doctor’s office, what do you do…

Well, it turns out not to be a problem.

You can explore the area RV parks to find the next park you will visit and meet fellow RVers. Notice the trailer behind this fellow Canadian’s motorhome? You guessed it! A 62 Nova Restomod is safely stored in it.

But the golf cart Mater stole the show… Can you believe RV sites with their own mail boxes?


You can do what tourists do. Explore the area.  Superstition Mountain in Apache Junction is the start of Apache Trail. We visited the museum IMG_4582

and marvelled at the stamp mill used years ago for the extraction of gold.



We walked the trails


but did  heed the warnings….


Then again, you can visit…a classic car dealer, in this case, Streetside Classics


and see this colourful prowler


And all these beauties!


When you come back to the repair shop, they let you sleep in your motorhome. But better go to bed early. You will be woken up at 5 a.m. by traffic starting to roll…

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