April, 2018

We have been home for three weeks now. By this time of year, we usually see buds on the trees and maple syrup has been harvested. Tulips are starting to bloom and robins are back. Well, we did spot a few robins and Canada geese but they have gone hiding again! Who can blame them with the recent snow falls. 

 March 31st

March 31st

April 12th

April 12th

April 16th

April 16thApril16th - 2

April 17th

The view this morning, I have to admit was just…inspiring. Well, it inspired me to write this blog 🙂

April 17th -2April 17th

As the sign says in front of Valleyview Public School this week ;
<The only difference between a good and a bad day is your attitude…> 

We are so fortunate to live in this country. Yesterday, while on the computer, Roger spotted two baby chipmunks playing in front of the window.  This morning, I saw a hare, probably wondering if he should shed his white coat just yet! Can you spot him in the next picture? Two minutes later, he had hopped away and disappeared…

April 17th -3

Norm and Louise, thank you for sharing these incredible pictures of your back yard!!

chevreuil 1 (1)chevreuil 2


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