A day of rest

A day of rest? At Ashford Castle, there is a school of Falconry,

falconry school

a Spa, an Equestrian Centre, a Zip-line,  Archery….There are boat cruises and bikes for hire, etc. etc. etc. But we decide on golfing😊.

Congratulations to Lucy and Roger who manage to get the only pars. Jeff and I will have to pay the round. Ha!

Ashford golf course 3

Even on the course, we see 40 shades of green!

ashford golf course-40 sahdes of green

We walk to the town of Cong where there is a museum dedicated to the movie The Quiet Man (John Wayne and Maureen O’hara). The movie was filmed in Cong and at the castle. Oh, and did I mention the castle has a cinema. The film will be playing tonight. We smell popcorn 🙂

At 11 every morning, to the guests’ delight, these two wolfhounds visit the castle.

ashford csatle dogs

This is our last night at the castle and so we take more pictures lol

at ashford castle

Thanks Mel for the beautiful sweater, just what you need in Ireland…

ashford castle boots

ashford castle decorashfrod castel-jeff and lucy

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