In Paris, we are renting a condo close to the Champs Élysées. We arrive late at night and decide to have tapas at a small restaurant just below our condo. Because we have not done groceries, we ask the waiter if we can bring a glass bottle of water with us, promising to bring it back.

We spend the following day exploring the neighborhood, grocery shopping and doing laundry. How surreal it is to be walking the Champs Élysées to l’Arche de Triomphe.

Champs élysées


Arche de triomphe

We  stop at a café to taste a favorite French pastry : a mille-feuille, (Yummy) and La Parisienne (Yummy as well)

mille feuilles

La parisienne-bière

We then buy passes for the batobus on line and plan the next day. But life is full of twists and turns…

At 8 p.m. Roger suggests we go exploring again and so I decide to bring the bottle of water (empty by now) back to the restaurant. And that is when it happens.

There is a step in the middle of the restaurant and I do not see it… The result is a twisted ankle. By 10 p.m. we decide the hospital is the only option (the foot being swollen and black and blue). Luckily, it does not take long at the American Hospital and after X-rays, I am told nothing is broken. A brace, some crutches and ibuprofen will do the trick. The only problem is that my foot has to stay up for 48 hours. Good thing I have that book you suggested Ann. (Full disclosure). Excellent read by the way 🙂

Thanks Roger for taking good care of me.

We still have 2 days to see Paris by Uber, tuk tuk, batobus, taxi, any which way we can 😊

Notre-Dame de Paris

IMG_0870 (1)

notre dame

La tour Eiffel


bestTour eiffel

We also manage to go to La Bien Aimée, a special yarn store where I meet Aimée. (Mel where are you??) Aimée is world renowned for her special yarn. When I am in the boutique, there is a lady from California, three from England ++. One of her designers models her newest creation 🙂


Then, we decide to check out a pâtisserie that Jess liked near her place of employment when she worked in Paris. However, little do we know, there is a techno parade in the city and all the bridges crossing the Seine are closed… So instead of spending 15 minutes with Daniel (the uber driver) we spend 1 hour and 15 minutes. Now Daniel happens to be quite loquacious lol and by the time we get to our destination, Roger and I are very happy.  And guess what? The bakery is closed!

rue Saint LA


We did, however, get to see more of Paris…

Académie Nationale de musique


And… we get to eat at the restaurant next door, Café Jil. Délicieux! 😊

When we leave Paris, we say Aurevoir, not Goodbye… We did see Le Louvre, Le musée d’Orsay, Les Invalides etc but only from the outside.

And what about Le Petit Salé or the Croissant amandine we missed at the Gourmandises de Saint-Lazare ha!


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