Enjoying, sharing and remembering…

Watching this 62 Impala going over the ramp brought back memories.

IMG_6725 (1)

When Roger was around 13 years old, he remembers his brother Jim coming to get him in a 62 impala that belonged to his other brother Roly. Driving to the family gathering, he also remembers hearing the song: I’m falling in love with you by Elvis Presley for the first time and truly enjoying it. He was already in love… with music and cars 😊

And that is what the blog is all about…enjoying, sharing and remembering!

But, for those wondering, Roger will have two more cars in his showroom 🙂

One of two 1957 Studebaker Copper Hawk and…

IMG_1038 (1)

this beautiful 1941 Dodge pickup.

As for Reno, we will remember the people, the sun, the landscape… and the cars.


Unfortunately, we did not have time to visit Lake Tahoe. I guess that indicates we might be back 😊

But first, let’s find out what is next on Roger’s bucket list…


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