And away, we go… for whoever remembers Jackie Gleason

Thanks Norm for such a great title 🙂

Departure time set for 7 a.m. Everyone is excited about the trip and so 6:45, here we are, ready to roll.

At the U.S. customs, we are only asked how much money we have, how long we will be in the U.S.A and if we have something to declare. Thank goodness because Yolande was smuggling two apples in her packsack. Fruits and vegetables are strictly forbidden ha!

IMG_7071 (1)

Luckily, this is not Roger’s license plate. But we still manage to make Mount Pleasant in less than 9 hours. Since no campsites are open in Michigan at this time of year, we are lucky to be able to park in the casino parking lot:)

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