Shopping (Barenaked Ladies)

No stay in a city is complete without a visit to Walmart and Costco lol.

Well, Walmart is on our way today and we need groceries…
In the store, we find a robot roaming the aisles. His name is Stanley and apparently his job is to take perpetual inventory!


When an annoyed man approaches him and says: ‘Get away Stanley’ the robot changes direction…

What will this world be in 10, 20 years from now???

We visit Costco mainly because we are looking for 100% cotton socks. Do you know how almost impossible it is to find some? Even at this boutique, Lost In Socks in downtown Scottsdale, no sock has more than 80% cotton!

Now, none of us enjoy shopping…so we decide to go back to the motorhome to…play the card game 500.

So far ladies are winning 6 series (10 games) to 4. 😊


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