Cab Driver (Mills Brothers)

The show last night, Barleens Dinner & Show was fantastic. Great food! Great family entertainment! Well it helps if you are approximately our age lol

Surprisingly, when you sit at the table, your desert awaits you. As they say at Barleens’: Life is short, Eat desert first.

Roger’s favorite

Signs on the road this Thanksgiving read : Wobbling after Gobbling, take a cab!

We are being ‘wise’ and besides, no one wants to drive in the dark and they are forecasting rain,



so we pre-order UBER. Great way to find out if the new ‘schedule in advance’ feature works. 5* Uber driver! He tells us we should have no problems coming  back…

Well, we did! So, we take a cab. The show was well worth it!

What an adventure! First, our driver tells us he just had a huge meal, turkey, steak, desert etc. etc. Needless to say he yawned more than a few times on the way… Then he says he is nervous driving in all this traffic. Finally, he does not stop talking.  Poor Yolande. It is past her bedtime and she is hoping to take a nap on the way home 😊

But wait… after paying him, the cab driver says :’maybe I will find a cheap motel instead of driving home!!!’  At least it is not raining… YET Maybe he had a crystal ball…


Oh What a Night!  (Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons).

First song that comes to mind this morning… Well, they did interpret Frankie Valli songs at the show, and very well at that.  Context not quite the same. (Roger and I just did not get any sleep! Norm and Yolande, they slept like babies. How blessed are they!) lol

When we are about to retire, the rain starts, and the wind… Norm says : There are white caps in the street … We have never experienced this type of weather before. Norm and Yolande will have experienced just about every possible scenario in Arizona…





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