Branson MO, lively even in March.

Although we did not expect many attractions to be open this early in the season, the Musicland campsite has been open since the beginning of the month. Today is especially warm, 80 F. Of course, no problem ever visiting the auto and farm museum. It is housed in a huge building. Not hard to spend some time here…

IMG_8912 (1)

IMG_8914 (1)

Imagine having to shovel coal in the containers to keep the engine running..


IMG_8919 (1)

Some of us are also entertained by numerous signs on the walls..

Tonight, we walk across the road to the Haygoods show. What a treat! 5 brothers and one sister, super talents!They each play multiple instruments and the harmony is incredible.

The Haygoods, Branson Missouri's Most Popular Show

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