Quirky at Barrett Jackson

The yearly Barrett Jackson classic car auction is probably the most talked about world wide. This year, over 1 500 unique and valuable automobiles will cross the block, most without reserve.  You can watch the auction on internet, on television most nights, and of course you can choose to attend. It can cost 30$ to 80$ entry fee depending on the day or you can purchase a week pass for 195$. You can even spend time in Craig Jackson’s (Barrett Jackson’s CEO) box,  but it will cost 7 499.00$.

This being said, the event is a unique experience. Of course, there is an abundance of mustangs, cameros, cadillacs, corvettes, etc. However, it is the condition of most cars that amazes.

But then you have the quirky cars 🙂 Always fun and very unusual!

The taxi, beermobile!



The rolling hot tub



The toymobile…


The surfmobile


The safari mobile

The mobile pop corn machine

IMG_4464IMG_4465The scary mobile


The tiny mobile 🙂


No Batmobile??  It’s a first!

14 027 miles Really?

When away from home, it is a challenge to keep in touch with friends and family.  Texting is great. The person receiving the text is at liberty of reading and responding whenever convenient. But some of us still enjoy sending (or receiving) hand written notes.  And so, I purchased this pretty card to send back home this winter.

IMG_4451 (1)

Here is the problem… Once purchased (in Ottawa, Canada), I realized the card was made in Korea. Designed in California, it travelled from Korea to California then was shipped to Ottawa. I brought it all the way back to Phoenix where I mailed it to Sudbury ON.  Total miles covered? 14 027 miles!

So all in all, texting is probably a better option…or how about purchasing a much more reasonably priced card at a local craft show…




Scottsdale Pavilions Car Show

Where does time go?? A week has gone by and we are back to the Pavilions. This is the start of auction week and so the parking lot is full.

Rod 4Rod 5

Rod lover’s paradise!

Rod 3

rod at pavillionRod 28807452_orig[1]

But here is the best! When at the Pavilions, you have to visit the              5 & Diner across the street! This 50’s themed diner has been voted the best in Arizona!

Phoenix, a contemporary city

Phoenix was established in 1867 (same birthday as Canada, eh!) and so, it is a contemporary city compared to Boston for example (1630). The wide streets and roadways with bike lanes, the efficient 101 circulating the city attest to that.


Rod 6

Tesla plug in stations,


Uber Eats : the fast and efficient food delivery service that permits you to order from either the fast food or the city’s top restaurants, to pay and track the courier with your I-phone, is part of this modern world.


But if you drive a bit out of the city towards Fountain Hills, you could see…


wild horses…




Not Yet!

Of course, Roger is eagerly anticipating all 6 auctions that take place in Phoenix in January, the Barrett Jackson being the most talked about. But not yet!

However, every Saturday at the Pavillions, classic car owners and lovers gather to chat, compare and share their passion. IMG_4388


Back in Phoenix

On January 2nd, we fly back to Phoenix. It is always difficult to leave family and friends but the -40 C weather is not something we will miss!

Time for daily morning walks.  Phoenix is smack in the middle of the Sonoran Desert and one of this desert’s unique marvelIMG_4404

is the Saguaro cactus. In our park, there just happens to be a giant one.

The Saguaro is the largest cactus of the U.S.A and can only be found here. It absorbs and stores amazing amounts of water. Because of that, the fallen arm on the ground weighs close to 300 pounds!  It takes 50 years before the plant blossoms with the beautiful state flower of Arizona.


Happy Holidays!

Wherever you are, hope your little corner of the world is filled with peace and happiness during the holiday season and always!

Desert Shadows RV Resort in Phoenix Arizona.



Sudbury ON,  close to the North Pole lol