Day 2

Before leaving Springfield, we visit the only home Abraham Lincoln ever owned, the one he lived in for many years before being elected the 16th president of the United States.

Lincoln's desk.JPG

We laugh when the nearest service station is called Jumping Jimmy.

We follow Route 66 from Divernon to Farmersville, to Litchfield and Mount Olive, to Edwardsville. Compare the traffic on Route 66 to the traffic on Interstate 55, parallel to Route 66…So much more relaxing! Bonus : we get to see historical buildings and many special attractions!


Stress free driving on Route 66



We cross the Mississippi on I 270 but Chain of Rocks Bridge is just beside us for bikers and hikers to enjoy.

We watch Roger devour a corn dog at Corn Dog Drive-In.

We are sad  to hear Mr Shae passed. His collection from Shae’s Gas Station Museum was sold. Luckily, we spot part of it at Fulgenzi’s Pizza and Pasta. This is a reminder that travelling Route 66 is unpredictable. Attractions change and some disappear…Luckily, many remain.

Remainder of Shae's service station.JPG

A sign catches our eyes : Your car is not a phone booth…just drive!

Wise advice, even on Route 66.

route 66.jpg










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