Breakfast at Lou Mitchell’s ++

Breakfast at Lou Mitchell’s restaurant (1923), 565 Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, IL, lou mitchel's.jpgis a treat in more ways than one.

-A hostess greets you by handing out doughnut holes

-All women receive a box of Milk Duds

-The food is unsurpassable O

Thanks to Yvette and Bonnie, our visit will be unforgettable!


Sadly, though, Mel and Curtis will be leaving us today. How fortunate we were to have them along for those precious days! Thanks to Curtis, we have all become experts at inspecting our hotel rooms for bed bugs!


From Chicago, we drove to Joliet and Pontiac, where we visited the Route 66  Hall of Fame & Museum. Can you imagine driving Route 66 in this artist’s (Bob Walmire) modified school bus?


First hotel : Route 66 Motel and Convention Centre in Springfield IL. What memorabilia!


Something is wrong with this picture! End of route 66? Wish you could…






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