Sense of adventure, a must while on Route 66

Today, we confirmed that a sense of adventure and a willingness to get lost both in the past and on Route 66 are more important than books and maps to navigate the Route.

We intended to stay on Route 66 through Tulsa to get to the Blue Dome Station, centre of the Blue Dome District. However, after many twists and turns, we gave up, entered the address in the GPS and took I-44 for the remainder of the way. Finally, we arrived at our destination! Now we can say we saw this historic station that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places even though it is only partially there and not exactly what we expected. The good side of the story is that:

– we took amazing pictures of the district, the old and the new, blending for a picturesque landscape.

-we found Dilly’s café beside the dome that had amazing oatmeal and cherry cookies.

-we survived!


the old and the new

From Tulsa, we continued our way through Sapulpa, Bristow and Stroud. The good news is the Rock Café has reopened after a fire. In Davenport, Garwooly’s is now Jimmy’s Round-up Café. Great coffee, (unfortunately it was too early for lunch) and a warm welcome. As you see, Tammy did a great job at decorating the café.



Lots2See in Chandler and Arcadia. The Round Barn in Arcadia has been completely renovated and is also on the National Register of Historic Places. Down the road, a futuristic building appears on the opposite side of the road in the form of Pop’s which boasts 400 different varieties of… soda pop of course. Bob ordered the Arnold Palmer ice tea and lemonade. Others had plain old root beer. No one tried the bacon-flavored soda. But we did walk out with one root beer bread pudding to be shared later…The best though is that we met other Canadians doing Route 66. They are from just north of London, ON.

Round barn.JPG

Lastly, we drove through Canadian County on the Canadian River Bridge. Over a mile long, the 1932 structure was an engineering marvel.

Canadian bridge.jpg

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