Wonder why or how…

Wonder how we manage to get lost, no misplaced so often on Route 66. Here we are having to turn around…again!

end of hwy.JPG

Wonder why…In OK, the signage is so unpredictable. You can drive for miles without seeing a sign for Route 66 and then come to a stretch of highway that has a sign every 500 ft.


Then, in cities, you might see two Route 66 signs on the same corner…Is it the PRE 1932 option?, the PRE 1933 option?, The POST 1933 option?, the 1926-1957 option?, or the PRE 1958 option? All part of the challenge!

Wonder how many miles this biker will ride every day…He and his companions are biking all the way to California as you can see by the crests on his shirts’ sleeves.

Wonder how you can miss the National Route 66 Museum in Elk City. The exterior includes the most gigantic Route 66 shield ever made. The museum is a must see as it covers the Route in all 8 states and incorporates the Old Town Museum Complex.


Wonder why Roger Miller, like so many other entertainers had to die so young (56).  His museum celebrates his achievements and shares his wit and wisdom. He was the first country artist to win a Tony Award for his music and lyrics for the musical <Big River> (Huckleberry Finn). How can we forget his songs, (remember our average age is 65 ha!) King of the Road, England Swings +++

Wonder why Harley would want to cover every wall of his shop (housed in the former City Meat Market Building) with signs and more signs. When we stop at a café, Roger goes back to take more pictures and gets invited in his house where, you guessed it…every inch of the walls is covered with a sign. Our visit with him is surely the highlight of our day. He even sings <Get your kicks on route 66> for us!

Roger and Haley



Wonder how the ladies will get their kicks on Route 66 tomorrow?

We’ve got the keys!


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