Day 11- Question and answer day

  1. How many birthdays did we celebrate on Route 66?  2, Roger’s and Linda’s. Happy Birthday Linda. Yahoo Mountain Dew! Makes your hair stand up.img_2353

2. Who were Roger and Dan ‘Standing at the corner’ with last night in downtown Winslow?’- Jackson Brown co-author of the song by the Eagles.

3. How many years did the petrified wood take to form and where does it originate from? It originates from just north of the equator and took over 200 million years to form.

4. What oil do the guys put in the engine of their babies periodically? 10 W 30

5. How many miles can the cars cover on a tank of gas? 200 but why take a chance…We fill up every 150.

6. How many times did people honk their horn or give a thumbs up at our caravan? We lost count…

7. What is the elevation of Flagstaff? From Winslow to Williams, we go through Flagstaff, in the midst of the world’s largest ponderosa pine forest. In the winter, 3 ft of snow can fall in one snow storm. The elevation is 7 000 ft.


8. From Route 66, how can you access the South Ridge of the Grand Canyon? By car, by rail or by helicopter. We chose to ride the Grand Canyon Railroad from Williams to the South Rim.

The town of Williams Arizona is a destination known for one-of-a-kind- attractions: the scenic railway tour, Route 66 attractions, local art galleries, a clock at the centre of town that sings a t 12 noon, a brewery and first class restaurants.

willaims 5.JPG

Williams 3.JPGwilliams 6.JPG 9. How much did Jim, at 15, get paid to pump gas in Blind River with the identical pump?

1 dollar an hour. As the pump says, gas was 26.9 cents a gallon.

Jim gas tank.JPG

10. How many miles are we from destination? 461 mi. Santa Monica, here we come!

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