Day 10 : through spectacular landscape!

El Rancho Hotel has character no doubt. However, only a few of us actually slept last night. The trains whistling on the north side we expected. But who would have thought there would be lots of traffic on Route 66 in Gallup? All part of the adventure.


Although we did not drive north of Gallup to the Valley of Monuments, we definitely stopped at the Petrified Forest National Park and The Painted Desert.  When stopped for fuel at the entrance to the park, many  take pictures of the  cars and ask questions. To one of them: does your car (56 ford) have air conditioning, Roger always replies: Yes, it’s called 4 windows down at 60 miles per hour…

As we drive and hike through The Petrified Forest and Painted Desert, we are rewarded by awe-inspiring landscapes. Unless you are a professional photographer, hard to capture such natural beauty. However, we just could not resist trying.


painted desert.JPG


Petrified wood with quartz

Jim loses his favorite Route 66 hat when winds pick up…we all see it tumble away but no one captures the moment!

Where this picture is taken, Route 66 used to cross the National Park.

boysroute 66 through the Painted Desert .JPG

Then, off to Holbrook and Winslow where we will spend the night. After 15 000 steps (Bob’s fit bit attests to that) we will undoubtedly sleep well tonight.

But we are in Winslow and so before retiring, Roger and Dan proceed to ‘‘Standin’ on the Corner’’ made famous in the Eagles song, Take it Easy. Obviously, we were not the only classics on the corner…


also at the corner.JPG

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