Day 13

How sad we are to see Dan drive South to Phoenix to catch a plane back to Ottawa.

How happy we are that by driving part of Route 66 with him, we have all those memories to cherish.


We drive off as well, but direction west to Seligman. Vestiges of the old town are plentiful.

In Seligman :

  1. We find Angel Delgadillo’s gift shop, once his barber shop. Angel is referred to as <the angel> of Arizona’s cherished Route 66 for more reasons than one. In the 1980’s he helped found the Arizona Route 66 Association, responsible for the revival of this part of the Mother Road.seligman 1.JPG

  2. We also find a replica of the actual battered tow truck that served as an inspiration to ‘Tow Mater’ in the animated film Cars. The original is in Galena, Kansas.IMG_2555.JPG

  3. We count three tour buses with tourists from all over the world including France and Germany.

  4. We catch up  with our friend from Ontario driving the red mustang.

We drove by the Route 66 Caverns but did not stop. We know we can get a room in the carverns for 300$ a night to experience complete silence and even complete darkness but no one volunteered.

Next stop was Hackberry.

hackeberry-1hackerberry 5.JPG

After having lunch at Mr D’s Route 66 diner in Kingman, we visit the exceptional Arizona Route 66 Museum. It tells the story of the Mother Road through brilliant murals, photos and life-size dioramas.



A day on the road has yet flew by!

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