From the hair raising Black Mountains to the endless Mojave Desert…

From Kingman, we cross the Black Mountains, with ‘deliciously scary drops and hair pin curves’.

Black moountains 2.JPG

We stop in Oatman, a sleepy town. The donkeys often shop till they drop…literally.




Jim and Sam cannot resist the ice cream, even at 9:30 a.m.


The Oatman Hotel is where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard came for their honeymoon in 1939. The walls and ceilings downstairs are covered with 1$ bills left through the years by travellers.


From there, we follow Route 66 through the Mojave desert. Where are our water bags? We do find a little oasis along the way with water and fuel (4.49 for a gallon of regular gas).  We cannot imagine riding on the Joad’s wagon (Grapes of Wrath) or any  wagon going west during the depression, ever so slowly through the Black Mountains and the Mojave Desert. A train engineer blows the whistle at us, distracting us from those thoughts.


On our way to our final stop of the day, Barstow, we stop in Ludlow for lunch and meet…Adrian and Gwen from Guelf ON. Cool!


One thought on “From the hair raising Black Mountains to the endless Mojave Desert…

  1. Wow!!! What a ride and the trip of a lifetime! I just scrolled through all the pics and comments of this amazing adventure. I see where the Disney movie Cars got their inspiration. I didn’t realize how much of it was actual fact. C’est un séjour que vous n’oublierez jamais… Safe trip back – see you soon! Josée


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