Day 9: Elliston, Bonavista

How lucky are we? Another beautiful sunny day.

In Elliston, we visit the Puffin Viewing Site. With binoculars, we see them in and out of their burrows. So cute.

Elliston is also the capital of root cellars in the world. IMG_3592

The Home From The Sea Interpretation Centre in Elliston is a must to understand the incredibly difficult life of Seal hunters at the beginning of the century.

The Café in Bonavista next to Walham’s Gate Pub is the best and so inexpensive!

In Bonavista, we also tour the Mathew, a full scale replica of Jean Cabot’s vessel when he discovered America in 1497.


And then Trinity!IMG_3572


Of course, a boat in almost every yard…

In Cape Bonavista the lighthouse is one of the few remaining in the world where you can climb the stone tower and see the same seal oil-fueled lights used in the 19th century. The guides are super informative. Great experience.IMG_3614

Notes :

Vamps : Wool socks
Trigger : Mittens with extra finger

Bonavista social club : Recommended place to eat although we did not get the opportunity to do so.

We have not seen a moose yet!



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