Day 10: Fun eco-tour

This is our last day in Port Rexton and area. We decide to go back to Bonavista in the morning for an eco-tour with Tuckamore discoveries. Jon and his student Catherine are fun and energetic. So very knowledgeable! Jon covers a lot of interesting subject matter (from plants to bogs to wildlife). Imagine picking the bakeapple berry. Each plant produces one and only berry. With Jon’s powerful binoculars, we get to observe several colonies of puffins up close. These small seabirds have coloured beaks during the breeding season. They are so clumsy when they come to land but they do spend most of their life at sea. Like the Canada geese, we learn they mate for life.

Thanks Jon for this wonderful picture 🙂


Then off we go to the Port Rexton brewery.  Take your pick : Baycation blonde, Robust porter, Sweater weather, Chasing sun, Horse chops, Nar’ bitter, Garderner’s gose, etc. Which ones did we try again??

What perfect weather! We decide to walk the 5km Fox trail. Breathtaking views!IMG_3622IMG_3621IMG_3617

We have not seen a moose yet!





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