Day 11: St John’s here we come!

We leave Fisher’s Loft (room 13) thinking we have to come back. We stop at the Terra Nova information centre. So many trails to explore in that provincial park as well. But, it is raining hard so we drive on.
In Swift Current, (population 300) we discover Vernon’s Antique Toy Shop. Wow! All original classic cars in pristine condition.  Quite impressive to say the least. Vernon welcomes us and obviously has a lot to share with Roger. They will meet again at the Toronto fall auction.


When we get to our <Jellybean home> it is still pouring. The address is 4 Bannerman St., not to be confused with Bannerman Rd. It takes a while to find it. Many one ways:) but it is the perfect place, clean and cozy!

Only later do we get a chance to take a walk in St John’s. We are happy there will be no driving. We can walk everywhere. But how on earth do people drive in St John’s during winter? Where do they park their cars?


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