Day 6: Icebergs of all sizes

We are so happy to have come to Twilllingate. After all, it is the iceberg capital of the world. But it is most special because of the colorful homes, the small town atmosphere, the museum and the lighthouse in the village of Crow Head just a few kilometers away.



The trails are again numerous. We spend the day walking, visiting and of course eating…cod tongues and moose soup for lunch.IMG_3514

Tonight we attend a dinner theatre. Like La cuisine a Meme on PEI, or Oh Canada Eh in Niagara Falls, the performers are the servers. Not professional theatre but a lot of laughs and fun. The couples we are sitting with are Diane and Raymond from St Boniface Manitoba and Suzanne and Carl from Perth, ON. Like us they are touring Newfoundland. Diane and Raymond went to Fogo Island without reservations. Braver than we are. They loved it and ended up staying in a small trailer for the night. Apparently the boat to Fogo Island is not very dependable. You have to be prepared.
They had also booked the ferry to St-Pierre et Miquelon but that ferry is being repaired and so, they had to change their itinerary.
(We are told the ferry was built in Romania two years ago and has not been reliable…)

Auk Island Winery is unique because its wines are made from Newfoundland berries. Very good!

We have not seen a moose yet!


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