Day 7: Off to Port Rexton

We chose Port Rexton as our next destination because of its proximity to Bonavista, Elliston and Trinity. The drive there is quite interesting.
We stop at the airport in Gander to see the murals and to get some insight on the setting for the play Come from Away. Unfortunately, they do not permit us to go on the international side of the airport. Joe is away and apparently he is the only tour guide. We do learn that 36 gates are not being used at this airport!

We had no idea what to expect but Fisher’s Loft is very cozy and the view is spectacular.


Good thing we reserved the restaurant for tonight. We are told they are sold out. The fog is setting in. It would not be fun to have to drive.
The dinner is fantastic: Cod with mashed potatoes and vegetables ++

We have not seen a REAL moose yet! ha!




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