Missouri to New Mexico-November 5th to November 10th

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And then we drive to St Louis Missouri, well, St Charles more precisely.

Roger and I both enjoy walking historic downtown St Charles. Old buildings, quaint shops, superb restaurants and friendly people.


unday is a great day to travel through Indianapolis but still there is a lot of traffic. Where is peaceful Route 66?????



From Missouri, we drive Interstate 44 to Interstate 40. We have never travelled this way going west. Well, not on 40 all the way at least. Last year, we travelled mostly Route 66 which we spot here and there. Lots of memories as we pass signs for Meramec caverns in Missouri and Claremore in Oklahoma.

Weather is cooperating (above 0) and so we go through Texas and New Mexico on 40 as well.
We read road signs that we would not see in Canada ;
Guns for in-laws and out-laws ; Next exit
Marriage = Man + Woman. Confused? Ask me, God.
One sign is one we should have in Canada :
State Law : Do not impede left lane     Actually, we find out it is a new Oklahoma State law as of October 2017!

In Oklahoma as well, funny coincidence. We drive by the town of Clinton, named for the late Judge Clinton Irwin, just as I am reading Hillary’s new book What happened…(Thanks Dan and Jess for the good read)

Cotton fields? We never thought there were some this far north.
Windmills? Endless for 50 miles and more in Texas and New Mexico. Can you spot them behind Roger?



Actually, 45% of Texas’ electricity comes from wind power! Impressive!

When we get to New Mexico, we decide to go north to Santa Fe. Travelleing Route 66, we went through Albuquerque. Santa Fe is the pre 1937 route.


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