Sudbury ON to Kokomo IN

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Leaving today for a month. But, we will be flying home early December till the 2nd of January.

Roger has made arrangements to see Tom’s 69 Chevelle in the Sault. The car is a good driver and so he will be bringing it home.   Tom also rebuilt Roger’s daily driver for the last two years, a red and white 72 Chevy pick-up.


November, 1st: Ideal day to cross the border. The agent asks us one question only…Do you have fruits or vegetables on board? Less than a minute. Roger is amazed. The agent was not curious enough to ask what was in his trailer. Ha! This year, we are towing a 56 Chevy Belair. After all, it made it all the way to California and back last year.

At the bridge, the lady collecting the fee (25$) says : Oh my, there have been so many snowbirds driving through today! No wonder the agent seemed so uninterested…
On the first morning, quite the discovery. Roger forgot to fill the water tank and I forgot to remind him:)  So, trucker’s shower it is.
From Michigan to Indiana, we could have gone to Peru, Warsaw, Athens, Mexico, Palestine or Geneva (seriously, all towns in Indiana) but we choose Kokomo, of course!

IMG_4046Kokomo, known as the city of firsts, boasts America’s first commercially produced automobile, a Haynes. The Kokomo Automotive Museum is a “ a trip through America’s automotive history”. What a treat! The Haynes Apperson collection of cars is of course the highlight.

Interesting to know that today, Hayes international is one of the world’s largest producers of high performance nickel and cobalt alloys, for aerospace mostly.

But wait! There just happens to be an auction on November 4th. Of course we attend and Roger purchases 3 cars, a 1939 Plymouth pick-up, a 60 impala and a 54 chevrolet convertible. Here are of 2 of these.




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