Arizona-Camp Verde and area (1)

Arizona, here we come! We are booked in Phoenix the 1st of December and so Roger finds this campsite in Camp Verde, 90 miles north of Phoenix.  From our campsite, we view the Verde Valley and the Mingus Mountain. The sunsets are incredible.


We will spend the U.S. Thanksgiving here and we have much to be thankful for.

This campsite is close to Jerome (the kaleidoscope unique store), scenic Sedona, Cottonwood and Clarkdale.

In Clarkdale, the Arizona Copper Museum is housed in the former high school. When the school was first built in 1915 it cost 100 000$ and at the time it was the daily revenue of the United Verde Copper Co. who paid for the construction.  The company was mining copper in Jerome and refining it in Clarkdale.

What a museum! It combines the story of copper with stunning artifacts, 5 000 in all.


The kitchen room, fit for a castle…


The drinking room (100’s of beer steins and wine jugs dating to the 1400s).


The very rare trench art collection comprised of over 500 shell casings decorated by soldiers of World War 1





The museum curator, Drake, points out this casing decorated by a Canadian soldier. So many! (We find out later : Drake is the owner who worked 15 years on getting everything ready before opening to the public!)

It is easy to understand why this museum has a 5 star rating. A must for anyone to visit.

On our drive back to our campsite, we stop at Bashas for groceries.  As usual, Roger parks away, far away. A gentleman approaches Roger and informs him he would like to buy the 56 on the spot. Imagine! Roger explains that the car cannot be sold till the spring and that proper exportation papers would have to be done. He leaves with a business card and a smile on his face 🙂  Only time will tell the end of that tale!IMG_4136

We only have a few Television channels lol We have more time to read 🙂 and play Dominoes ha! Roger is quite lucky but when I do manage to win, he is in for a surprise lol (We play for who decides to do what in the coming days )

The next day is spent washing the screens and windows of the motorhome! But it does look fantastic now. A mobile washing service also washed and waxed it. After driving from the north, it is quite the job 🙂



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