Arizona-Camp Verde and area (4)

Although we are in small living quarters, house cleaning and laundry still await.

This afternoon however, Roger wants to cruise.


After all, I am told that is what a classic car is all about. It is 80 F. today, above average temperatures and so, a great idea. We pass by this little booth selling frybread, elk jerky and piñon. But wait, what exactly is piñon? We decided to stop and ask instead of using Siri lol. The vendor informs us that piñon pine trees grow wild in the southwestern United States. They taste like nothing we have tasted before, sweeter. So we buy jerky, nuts and raw honey. The frybread? No lol

pine nuts

We then travel smaller roads, exploring the area


We end up at the River Ranch Estate off Middle Verde Rd. We pass beautiful homes, many of them horse ranches. Coming back on the road after reaching a dead end, this man comes running from his house signaling he wants us to stop. Turns out he is rebuilding a 57 Chevy that has been in his family from word go. He asks Roger a lot of questions and when he realizes we are from Ontario, he says his wife is from Sarnia and that his family spends a month in Canada every year. Small world!

Great sunset again tonight…



One thought on “Arizona-Camp Verde and area (4)

  1. Wow so 😎. Haven’t taken a random road trip in a long time! And I don’t think I have ever tasted pine nuts before.

    Heading to gym with Dave Haley. Helped him move out yesterday into his new place. It’s small but perfect for him and the girls when they visit. Xoxo

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