Arizona-Camp Verde and Area (5)


As you can see by the line up of cars headed to Sedona, this town only 27 miles from Campe Verde is a popular destination. Also notice, we are headed in the opposite direction ha!


We leave early. Our goal is to be back from Sedona before darkness as always. All goes well, hardly no traffic. First stop: very informative visitor Centre at the Red Rock Ranger Station in Coconino National ForestIMG_4237

We stop at the village of Oak Creek, then at the Chapel of the Holy Cross, built in the buttes of Sedona. This architectural landmark is designated a National Historic Place.


We see Mother Nature’s most beautiful artworks. 

Bell Rock +++




On Hwy 179 as you approach Sedona, there are 5 roundabouts, one every quarter mile to keep traffic moving. By that time of the day however, and because of the long weekend, the traffic is much heavier. We are about a mile from downtown when the 56 Chevy starts overheating. The cooling fan is obviously not functioning. (simple burnt fuse). Not good news when you are in stop and go traffic in high temperatures.  And so, we turn around to head back to the motorhome. Our visit to downtown Sedona, the trails, the yarn shop, Knit Wits will have to wait.
Our advice to visitors to Sedona :
1. Never visit on a long weekend.
2. Bring lots of water to hydrate.
3. Allow time for stops on the way there.
4. Always bring spare fuses if driving a classic car Ha!

On the way back, we see a sign for Bearizona Wild Life Park (Wiliams AZ). We find that funny because we have bears in our own backyard!

IMG_0786Wonder if the Arizona bears are as mischievous as ours… Like the one who tore Jacquie’s favorite pants to pieces when she put them out to dry, or the one who took Gaetan’s new water hose, brought the box to the edge of the forest, opened the box and left with the hose, or the cub I saw playing on our water barrel.
Either way, they do hibernate in Arizona and they hibernate in the park as well:)  You could see many other animals but it would be ‘beary’ unlikely to see bears at Bearizona in winter lol. 

Thankfully, the rattle snakes hibernate in Arizona as well!



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