Arizona-Camp Verde and Area (7)

The old mining town of Jerome, America’s most vertical city, is our next destination.  Located high on top of Cleopatra Hill (5,200 feet), the drive there is an experience in itself.


We decide to park the car far enough from the downtown area so we can walk and enjoy the scenery. Of course that means walking up a 30 degree incline…


Many come to Jerome for the museums and art shops. We did come to see if the unique Kaleidoscope store, Nellie Bly, is still there…And it is, just amazing as it was when we first visited many years ago.

IMG_4276Mostly, we came for the scenery,


the friendly atmosphere and the good food. We highly recommend Grapes on Main St. But the Haunted hamburger is another option lol


We walked up and we must walk down. Can you spot the 56 down below?


Other interesting picks from Jerome…







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