Phoenix, next stop

On our last day in Camp Verde, we enjoy driving small roads and exploring the area one last time. What a coincidence! Driving on Middle Verde Road, we pass Scenic Drive. The next side road is Valley View Road! Is this an indication that we should move here? lol

I forgot my phone and so I borrow Roger’s I-phone to take pictures. Tonight, I decide to download all of his pictures. What a surprise! I find a few I had never seen before…from Route 66. I wanted to share those, especially for those who followed our blog of Route 66.

Can you tell Roger loves hot dogs?




Remember when Harley from Erick Oklahoma took this picture of us?

Remember when Roger decided to visit Harley in his home while the rest of us were having lunch? What a sight! Good thing Roger did take pictures or we would not believe him. Wonder how long Harley has been collecting for??IMG_0586





IMG_0602 And then in Seligman at the Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive-In..


So tomorrow, we will be in Phoenix and soon, we will be flying home for the month of December. A month just went by, so fast. Lots2see and do! eh!

Hillcrest RV parc

In January, we might try an Escape Room…(They have them here Roger)

Wonder what the blog would be like if Roger was writing it??

But for sure, we will be reporting from the Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auction from January 14th to the 21st…


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