They make us smile…

Or leave you perplexed

But they are always fun!

Personalized licence plates that is…

Some RVers consider their motorhomes Highway Yachts.

Some choose a personalized licence plate to express feelings

2 HAPPY            4 RELAXN        ILUVLUCY

we tired

Some car license plates leave you feeling nostalgic…

                                      MY 2ND57    or…..


Some leave you perplexed.

                 IN 2 MOR           NOT GLTY

So when Mel thought of this as my personalized plate,


I was very pleased of course! This would definitely be fun!

But when, walking out of the hospital at 9 p.m. one September, I found this note on my windshield, I knew why I liked personalized plates.

The note said :
Monsieur, madame,
J’aime bien gros votre licence. La mienne est    


 J’ai bien du plaisir à lire les licences bien pensées.

Sue et Marcel.

How was she to know?  The patient I was visiting in the hospital was my sister Sue…her note made me smile:)

I do hope to meet Sue and Marcel one day!

I do hope you look for fun plates when travelling!


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