Dublin, a city of both past and present…

Arrived later than expected but still were not able to check in to our hotel.  Took a walk to Grafton St., a wonderful pedestrian zone and shopping area.

What is this young artist singing?

Dublin 1

A Justin Bieber song, lol.

Who are these three tired souls walking this incredible mall?

IMG_5347 (3)

Can you spot Roger, Jeff and Lucy?

IMG_5345 (1)

We just had to stop in this establishment.

IMG_5350 (2)

Jeff says : Let’s start with dessert. I agree. That sticky toffee pudding sure will be scrumptious.

Of course, the Fish and Chips is delicious as well!

Tonight, we are entertained by Michael, the storyteller and two musicians/comedians at Ireland’s oldest  pub, The Brazen Head. What better way to familiarize ourselves with the history of the country, including the  Great Famine, and the beliefs of the people at the time (fairies like the mischievous leprechauns). What an unforgettable way to spend a first night in Dublin:)


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