Dublin, walking tour

It was decided that none of us would be driving on this holiday. But now we have to remember what is the passenger side and what is the driver side of the vehicles:) Our drivers are quite amused by our confusion…

The Irish do want their tourists to come back and so, before crossing the street, you will be advised to either look left or look right lol


Our walking tour of Dublin brings us to Trinity College. It is the home to Ireland’s largest collection of manuscripts produced in Britain or Ireland.


Would you like to be the one to climb a ladder to reach one of those manuscripts?


The book of Kells, written on vellum (calf’s skin), is early Christian artwork, written by monks in 800 AD.

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is a magnificent example of Gothic architecture, built on the site of a well used by St Patrick. Jonathan Swift, the author of Gulliver’s travel was dean here for 30 years.

No visit of Dublin is complete without a tour of the Guinness Storehouse. So we just had to go and enjoy a pint… Of course, the storehouse alone, made a profit of 30 million euros in 2016. Lucy suggests we buy shares in the enterprise 😊

Tonight, we joined a group tour, the literary pub crawl. Led by a team of actors, the tour offered an original introduction to the city’s literary greats such as Oscar Wilde and James Joyce. It gave us the opportunity to visit four famous pubs; there are only 800 in the city, ha!



This statue of Oscar Wilde is formed from marble, jade from British Colombia, pink thulite and blue pearl granite from Norway.




By the way, congratulations Lucy for getting all the quiz questions correct. Will you share your winnings? How many ml in that tiny bottle of whiskey lol?

2 thoughts on “Dublin, walking tour

  1. Have a great trip, folks! I’m enjoying reading about your trip! How inspiring! The library is absolutely amazing. As must be the Guinness. Food for the mind, and food for the soul 🙂


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