Dublin to Killarney via the Rock of Cashel.

The Rock of Cashel is about 2 hours from Dublin. Perched on a high outcrop, it is a powerful landmark as it served as the seat of ancient kings. This is also where St Patrick baptized Ireland’s first Christian ruler. In the 12th century, it was given to the Church. This led to the building of the Gothic cathedral.

Rock of Cashel


Rock of CAshel 2Rock of Cashel 3

It is then a very picturesque drive on very narrow roads to get to Killarney. We manage to arrive before our scheduled jaunting car (horse and buggy) ride.

Killarney 5

Maggie (the horse) and Cal (our guide) are fantastic. We tour the National Park which is the biggest in Ireland. Of the 3 lakes in the park, one is 400 ft deep. A day license to fish salmon or trout will cost you 50 euros.

Killarney National Park-1

There is a 75 km biking trail in the park. We see many deer. Cal keeps us laughing with his jokes and anecdotes. He reminds us that often in trying to make sense of what happens in the wild, we just have to admit that ‘that is the way nature walks’.

Killarney 6

Killarney 4

Killarney 3

Killarney 2

We already know that the Irish always give you two scoops of potatoes and ask if you want more 🙂

We already know that their fish and chips and Irish stew are exquisite.

But tonight, when Jeff asked for liver and onions, they answered ‘what on earth is that? lol

When you order bruschetta bread, this is what you get per person ….

bruschetta bread

Needless to say, we did not order dessert tonight. ha!



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