Ring of Kerry

This is an exceptional day! First the sun comes out. Then, we have a wonderful guide, Caroline.

Winding around the mountains, we go through farmland.


Why are the sheep painted? For indentification purposes we are told.

Image result for painted sheep in ireland

The Kerry Bog Museum gives us the opportunity to enjoy a step back in time to the 18th century. We recapture the way life would have been at that time. Peat, or turf as it is usually called in Ireland, is harvested from bogs and is still used as domestic fuel.

On Valencia island, we visit a slate quarry. This special slate was used in the building of the opera house of Paris and is now a favorite by many architects.


At this point, views of the Atlantic ocean are spectacular.


Next, we visit the Skellig experience centre. It has information on the UNESCO World Heritage Monastery found on the Skellig Michael Islands.


On the way back to Killarney, we pass a river where Charlie Chaplin regularly came to fish in Waterville. The town holds a Charlie Chaplin festival every year 🙂 Image result for charlie chaplin hat

The ride back to Killarney offers many surprises.



Tomorrow, we are moving on. We will miss the Killarney Royal. Where else can you practice your putting before going to bed….


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