Tournon, Train de l’Ardèche

There is a statue of Marc Séguin next to our ship in Tournon. Along with his brother, he erected the first bridge suspended from cable. Now we see such bridges all over the world, including the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.

marc seguin

Today, we traverse one of France’s most dramatic and picturesque corners during a steam train excursion into the wilds of Doux Valley conservation area. We do wear old clothes… after all the soot from the coal just might land on us.

The engine and train are listed as French Historic Monuments.


Luckily, we do not have to walk the gorge like we did in Crete ha! (Remember Roly and Linda?) Who had that bright idea anyway?

river bed

The bridges are high. It does happen that the water level almost reaches the height of the bridge..



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