Today, we awake to find our beautiful Viking ship, the Heimdal, has arrived in Lyon, France’s third largest city. These swans are just waiting to be fed…

Lyon swans

Lyon is a cyclist’s paradise.


Lyon biking paths
But, fortunately, lol, a bus drives us to the Grand Basilica of Notre-Dame atop Fourvière Hill. Lyon Basilica of Notre Dame


Lyon inside the basilica

After admiring the interior of the spectacular church, we take in a sweeping view of Lyon.

Lyon view from Basilica

Of course, we have to enjoy ‘Une brioche aux pralines’ at the café on top of the hill 🙂

Thanks to our guide Claire, back in Old Town, we discover outdoor murals,

Lyon murales (2)

unique hidden passageways and an abundance of restaurants, Chez Louise, Chez Grand-mère, La Nef des Fous, Le Tire-Bouchon, La Mouss’Tache, Brasserie Le Nord…

Roger would like to come back to Les Pas Sages…(The misbehaving) ha!

Wandering the Vieux Lyon,  we take a few more pictures of course.LyonLyon basilica from a distance (2)

Lyon from the RhoneLyon-Floral arrangement

Lyon energie

Very interesting!


And now, we head back to the bus. No wonder Roger wants the last seat!

Lyon back of the bus


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