Third and final call…sold sold sold!

OOps…Third and final parking lot… seen, seen, seen! The last we visit anyway…

After watching the auction for 2 days, you begin to hear the auctioneers in your sleep, ha! The monstrous Perpermill hotel and casino is a short walk away from the Convention Centre.

IMG_6699 (1)

IMG_6707 (1)IMG_6675 (1)

IMG_6705 (1)

Can you spot the roadrunner in the Roadrunner?

IMG_6706 (1)

Need that water bag.  You are in the desert!

IMG_6702 (1)

All these vehicles are Born Again

IMG_6724 (1)

Do not know if the Forty 7, the Fine 54 or the 55 HUD would like to mess with the Crazy 59 or the Bad 65 lol

Another auction day left.  Roger is seriously looking at a few cars. To follow…


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