Blue skies smiling at me, Nothing but blue skies, do I see. (Ella Fitzgerald)

This morning, nothing but blue skies but -2…so tuques and mitts are in order…     except for Norm.


IMG_7101 (1)

Yolande and I witness something incredible…A group of Canada geese on the ground, seem to be communicating with a flock in the air, inviting them to land. And sure enough, they circle and do just that.

IMG_7108 (1)
If we were dogs, we would also love 300 Lakeside Park where we are staying lol.

IMG_7106 (1)
Later, we visit St Charles with its cobblestone Main st. What a vibrant downtown…we can hardly find a parking spot.

Norm has a special treat at this restaurant : bison meatloaf on sourdough bread.

IMG_7120 (1)
Imagine travelling through here in a stage coach in the early 1800’s, on one of America’s first ‘highway’, the Boone’s Lick Trail? And yes, the Bronze is of Daniel Boone.

IMG_7116 (1)--
Finally, we do have to stop at Fast Lane Classic Cars 😊IMG_7124 (3)

You guessed it…Roger is looking at his first car which he bought for 1 500$. This one is priced at over 24 000$

IMG_7123 (1)

To be continued…

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