Once upon a time, there was a cavern… (Mary Hopkin)

Off we go to the 4.6 mile system of caverns formed from the erosion of large limestone deposits over millions of years, Meramec Caverns in the Ozarks.


IMG_7133 (1)and stalagmites

IMG_7146 (1)

meet and join to form pillars.

IMG_7144 (1)

Here is another union formed 49 years ago lol

IMG_7143 (1)

Isn’t it spectacular when you add a bit of colour??

This onyx mountain is a one of a kind formation, only 33 million years old…

IMG_7152 (1)

Mother nature’s wine cellar… Can you see the grapes and the wine table with glasses on top?

IMG_7163 (1)

We come to a 78-million-year-old “theater,” which features a “stage curtain” 70 feet high.


The big light show and music finale of God Bless America projected on this stone drapery is quite dramatic, even for Canadians as it is sang by Canadian superstar Céline Dion…

We will never be spelunkers, but we certainly would enjoy exploring other caves.

We drive back to our campsite by taking route 66.

IMG_7170 (1)

What better way to end this adventure…

And, to our delight, Norm’s creation in the slow cooker smells wonderful!

One thought on “Once upon a time, there was a cavern… (Mary Hopkin)

  1. So cool that you guys got to see these awesome caves! Quick trivia question: What is the difference between stalactites and stalagmites?


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