If I could turn back time…(Cher)

Well, we did turn back our clocks…even missed the sunrise ha!
But we did not miss the 100 + pelicans! What a sight!

IMG_7175 (1)

Norm’s trivia question of the day :

What are the two main nesting regions of American white pelicans in Ontario?

close up photo of great white pelican
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

Today, we drive from St Louis Missouri to Tunica Mississippi.
Because we pass so many cotton fields, here is trivia question # 2

How do you know when the cotton is ready to be picked?

Resized_20191103_153853_5536 (1)

 Obviously, some have been, some have not…

Resized_20191103_153444_696 (1)

After passing through Missouri, Arkansa, Tennessee and Mississippi, we arrive in Tunica, MS, just south of Memphis. Tomorrow, Norm and Yolande will enjoy a first visit to Graceland and find out if Elvis is still…

loved by so many.😊

Thanks for all the feedback on the blog. Love your comment Rachel (November 1st blog)

‘You do realize that those were female geese who were smart enough to stop and ask for directions…’ too funny!

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