Walking in Memphis (Marc Cohn)

Can anything top a visit to Graceland? Maybe not, but a tour of Memphis sure matches it!!!!

Resized_20191105_163349_693 (1)

Norm and  Yolande could have rented one of these scooters…

Resized_20191105_163246_6088 (1)

But they chose to walk Beale St. to be able to take in all the musical history and famous establishments:)

Resized_20191105_130510_7947 (1)Resized_20191105_130724_4289 (1)

Wow! Be it a “best burger ever” at Hard Rock Café,

Resized_20191105_163335_2198 (1)

a 3 hour musical bus tour or… Yolande playing the base at Sun Studios, it all made for an adventurous VERY fun day.

If Yolande signs a contract, you might never see her in Val Caron again…

Back at the motorhome, it’s to bed early; Roger says 6 a.m. wake up call tomorrow 🙂


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